West Potomac Rifle Team Are Looking for Students Interested in 2020-2021 Season


Prone Position


The prone position is often the first learned shooting position. The  prone position is the most easy to master and is often is easy to sight  in rifles using this position due to its stability.   The added stability that this position gives the shooter makes this  position, in most cases, the easiest to learn and typically is the highest scoring string of the match.

Kneeling Position


The last position in the match would be the kneeling phase.  Shooters generally use a kneeling roll and place it under the rear foot while  aiming downrange.  They sit on their rear foot and the other foot is pointed downrange.  Shooters are allowed to use a sling just like the  prone position. 

Standing Position


The standing position is the next part of the three position match.  This position is the hardest to master in most cases.

Aiming/Breathing Technique


Aiming a very important element for the top scores achievement.  

Correct  breathing and taking a breathing break is another element that  influences the score and the continuity of good shots during the match.  

Trigger Pull


The technique of triggering has a great, often decisive, importance for the achievement of a good shot. 

Camps and Clinics


Each summer the Civilian Marksmanship Program sponsors a popular series  of Junior Air Rifle Camps and Clinics to teach intermediate and advanced  rifle marksmanship skills to junior shooters and their adult leaders.