West Potomac Rifle Team Are Looking for Students Interested in 2020-2021 Season



Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Competition Number

CMP Competition Number is required to shoot in rifle competitions to include our seasonal matches. The software assigns your shots to your CMP number to track your score. This number follows you for all matches allowing you to build a shooting history portfolio if you are pursuing rifle scholarships or grants. 


How to sign up for a CMP #: Go to https://ct.thecmp.org 

Select: Login to your account, or register for a new account

Click on: Register for one today!

Select: I don’t have a competitor number, or I can’t remember it

 -First Name
 -Last Name
 -Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

Select: I’m a new member. Create a new registration for me.

Fill out information fields and create user name and password
 -Team: West Potomac High School Rifle Team

Log in and your CMP # will be on top left corner – Comp #

Provide CMP# to your rifle coaches 


All rifle team members must attend an orientation and pass a safety test prior to participating on the range. During the winter season team members are expected to attend two practices per week at the West Potomac JROTC range. Additional range time is available at other locations on your own time.